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Expert Trainer Profile

BILL KEETER - CMRP, CRL & CRE, Renowned expert on Maintenance & Reliability Engineering

Bill has been providing consulting and training for reliability improvement efforts in a wide variety of industries since 2001.  During that time, he has used analytical methods such as Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety Modeling (RAMS), and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) to analyze failures, develop equipment maintenance plans, and improve system performance.  Bill became interested in RCM when he found that most companies he worked with did not have the detailed data they needed to make the analyses as accurate as they could be.


Bill has also Co-Authored: FRACAS –An Easy-to-Use System to Improve Maintenance Reliability



This 2 days course is designed to give attendees the skills and tools they need to implement and improve RCA programs.  Its focus is not on an individual methodology, but rather on understanding the core elements of RCA that should be applied regardless of the chosen method.



Maintenance, Engineering, and Operations personnel who will be involved in the implementation of a Root Cause Analysis Program



  • The basic steps of creating an RCA program

  • The importance of “triggers” in managing RCA

  • The reasons RCA programs fail

  • The DMIOM model for causes

  • The six links of the cause chain and their markers

  • The most important first step in any RCA

  • How to analyze solutions to ensure they meet organizational goals

  • The two types of problems, and which ones cause the greatest production losses




  • Build a RACI matrix for assigning program responsibilities

  • Build a timeline for a problem

  • Perform difference analysis on a problem

  • Create cause statements

  • Create solution statements

  • Create solution criteria

  • Analyze solutions to determine the best one

  • Perform a 5-Why analysis on a problem

  • Perform a Fault Tree Analysis on a problem


Why you should attend this course:

You will come away from this course with a fundamental understanding of how RCA works, where to apply it, and how to better manage implementing corrective actions that have been recommended.  You will know how to separate opinions from causes, and how to set criteria for solutions to ensure the best ones are implemented.



  • Improved knowledge of the RCA process

  • Ability to use RCA to enhance chances of repeating successes as well as eliminating failures

  • Ability to turn your organization into an organization that constantly asks why a failure occurred

  • Ability to develop effective solutions for problems

  • You will receive a tool for evaluating solutions



Session 1:  Starting the RCA program​

  • Setting goals for your new program

  • Defining organizational responsibilities with a RACI Matrix

  • Imbedding RCA in your quality program


Session 2:  Recognizing Problems​

  • Crisis (Special Cause) problems

  • Chronic (Common Cause) problems

  • The true cost of Chronic problems

  • How to recognize chronic problems

Session 3:  The Failure Chain

  • The six links of the failure chain

  • How to know which layer you are seeing

  • Recognizing the layer where problems are solved

  • Using 5-Why to reach the right link for a lasting solution

  • Using Tree Analysis to reach the right layer of solution

  • How to ask questions the right way


Session 4:  Defining the Problem​

  • The timeline

  • The difference analysis




Session 5:  Developing Cause

  • The DMIOM Model – Five key types of cause

  • How to broaden thinking

  • The importance of supporting evidence

  • How to write the cause statement


Session 6:  Developing Solutions​

  • Making sure the solution fits the causes

  • Employing interim solutions

  • Developing criteria for evaluating potential solutions

  • Develop an evaluation tool


Session 7:  Implementing Solutions

  • The role of the implementation manager

  • Tracking implementation with your CMMS/EAMS


Section 8:  Monitoring Program Success

  • Developing KPIs for monitoring the status of your RCA program


Option 1:​

  • USD 1799 Only

    VAT or any other TAX or fee will be applied:

    Registration fee includes:
    * Entry for 2 days training
      (inclusive of Workshops and Case Studies)
    * Comprehensive Learning Kit
    * Pre Course Learning
    * E-BOOK provided by the Trainer

Option 2:​

  • Bring this course in-house for training a group

    Registration fee includes:
    * Entry for 2 days training
      (inclusive of Workshops and Case Studies)
    * Comprehensive Learning Kit
    * Pre Course Learning
    * E-BOOK provided by the Trainer

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